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Winco Scrap Metal & Container Service

Offering you a full range of metal recycling services, Winco Scrap Metal & Container Service is your metal recycler and rolloff specialist serving the Plainfield, CT area. We pay top dollar for your copper, iron, steel, and other metals. In addition to our metal specialties, we can handle all your trash removal needs with our dependable dumpster pickup and delivery service. We offer rental of dumpsters for construction waste, household garbage, yard waste, and many other types of rubbish. For your convenience, we have the capacity to accept large truckloads of recyclable metal with a 35 foot truck scale available on-site.

Learn More About Winco Scrap Metal & Container Service:

  • Dumpsters – For residential and commercial customers, including flat rates and for a huge variety of uses
  • Wire Recycling – Of low grade wire, #1 and #2 heavy grade wire, copper wire, aluminum insulated cable, and more
  • Aluminum Recycling – Including cast aluminum, sheet aluminum, beverage cans, car wheels and rims
  • Steel And Iron Recycling – Including white iron, heavy iron, and a variety of steel products
  • Stainless Steel And Alloys – Including super alloys and nickel-alloys recycling
  • E-scrap Recycling – Accepting laptops, PCs, modems, cell phones, and more
  • Copper Recycling – Including stripped copper wire, insulated wire, electric motors and more
  • Non-metal Recyclables – Cardboard , paper, plastic, and glass recycling

We are licensed and fully insured for your protection.

Contact Winco Scrap Metal & Container Service today at 860-230-0552, or browse the website for more information about our scrap metal recycling and rolloff rentals.

Scrap Metal Recycling - Plainfield, CT - Winco Scrap Metal & Container Service

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